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Venn Ventures supports you with more than the resources/network/capital needed to turn your idea into a viable/sustainable/wealth-generating enterprise. We bring with us a relentless passion for the success of your business—and the desire to transform your vision into a visionary thought-leading company.

About Us

Where Great Ideas Turn Into Great Companies

We live in that sacred place where your idea/vision/dream overlaps with the capital/team/partners needed to make it happen. Where the concept you had becomes that company you have. Right at the intersection of the what and the how—this is where you’ll find Venn Ventures.

The What

It’s your idea for the business. That passion inside you that sparked the thought, “I can do this better.”

It’s that belief that you can change the world. It’s the thing that attracted us to you.

The How

It’s the wealth of resources needed to transition that dream into a reality. Seeding your idea with more than just capital, but the expertise needed to nurture it throughout every stage of growth.

Venn Ventures is an early-stage investor and advisory firm that has partnered with a long list of  forward-thinking start-ups over the years to help guide and grow them into successful companies.

Our Companies
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    Leading software in EMS that improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the quoting and supply chain process. Optimizing and streamlining operations. Implementing sustainable digital solutions. Helping work get done.

    [EXIT: Acquired by Elisa in 2020.]

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    The world of audio entertainment has been reimagined with adventurous podcasts, which feature ground-breaking stories that pass the mic to familiar voices who aren’t heard often enough.

    [EXIT: Acquired by High Five Media in 2018.]

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    A VR-gaming engine technology that’s the first company in the world to achieve finish-option rendering on a home before and during its construction phase. Completely transforming the home builder and buyer experience.

    [EXIT: Acquired by ILG/Blackstone in 2020.]

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    A tech-enabled, same-day delivery company for large and heavy items, that connects a network of “good guys” with pickup trucks across the country. Creating an on-demand fleet for anytime, anywhere delivery of almost anything.

    [$15M Series B in 2021]

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    Dr. Singha’s

    An all-natural therapeutic bath and beauty company known for its world-renowned Mustard Bath salts. Formulated by the late Dr. Shyam Singha.

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    Electromobility for everyone. An app based platform for all electric short term car leases with no down payment; delivered to a subscriber’s door.

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    Synergen Tech Labs

    Connecting a world of things on the Internet of Things, this team of innovators creates wearable tech products that make people’s lives simpler and smarter with a key area of focus in the health and wellness space.

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    Bringing the next generation of technology to new parents with a future-forward baby monitoring device. Launches in 2022.

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    A last-mile logistics company with technology that enables urban deliveries to reach your home from brick-and-mortar store locations in just one to four hours.

    [$13M Series C in 2019]

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    A new direct-to-door delivery model for apartments. Instead of being dropped off at the rental office, packages are held in a Fetch warehouse where residents can actually choose their time for front door delivery.

    [$50M Series C in 2021]

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    Green Army

    A home services company that uses proprietary tech, safer products and an “army” of passionate employees to provide more peace of mind around the house. It’s the easy way to take care of your place.

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    Wave Soda

    A healthy soda alternative, where sparkling water meets caffeine, with robust flavor and very few calories.

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    An apartment decor company that sets up everything for customers ahead of them moving into their new place, from furniture and electronics all the way down to towels and wine glasses.

    [$12M Series A in 2021]

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    A virtual care team that leverages technology to help educate and support pregnant moms (along with their partners and families) at every stage of childbirth from conception through parenthood.

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    SHARE Mobility

    SHARE Mobility provides a technology-driven workforce transportation platform for enterprise customers. For enterprise-scale businesses struggling to recruit and retain physical workforces, Share’s turnkey transit solution enables them to fill open jobs by offering reliable commute transportation as a benefit. Workers with limited transportation options can commute to work safely, affordably, and on-time.

    [$12M Series A in 2022]

Our Pillars

We help more than raise capital. We align you with partners who provide relevant and valuable insight that’s essential along the way.

We bring value-add perspective as you develop your brand and plan, while identifying ways to optimize efficiencies and maximize output.

We understand you can have the best product in the world, but it’s nothing without having the right people. We help you find them and vet them.

We believe that 1 + 1 = 3. Because when you synergize the strengths from a variety of partners it makes your business that much more powerful.

We know strong and steady win the race. Our team supports you with resources to take advantage of every opportunity and broaden distribution.

We advise on a clear-cut exit strategy—whether by merger/acquisition, sale, IPO or transfer of ownership—on terms that are most favorable to you.

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